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Welcome to The Arlington Shop, your one-stop destination for Arlington, Texas' finest city swag. We're more than just a store; we're a passionate tribute to the heart of Texas. Born from a love for our beloved Arlington, this shop is your opportunity to share and show your Arlington pride in style.


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Arlington, TX Proud

Our mission is simple: to help you express your Arlington pride in the most fashionable and meaningful ways possible. From our wide selection of hats, hoodies, shirts, and more, you can express yourself with the spirit of this vibrant city. It's not just about clothing; it's about celebrating everything that makes Arlington special.


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Community Partnerships

At The Arlington Shop, we believe in community collaboration. We've joined forces with local businesses, including the University of Texas Arlington and other small retailers across the city. Together, we aim to promote the true essence of Arlington and its unique offerings.


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"Completing the Community Circle" Initiative

We're committed to making a positive impact on our community. Through our "Completing the Community Circle Initiative", a portion of the proceeds from selected products goes to chosen non-profits doing incredible work in Arlington, Texas. We're dedicated to giving back and making our city even better. Click here to view these give-back products.


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Born and Raised in Arlington, TX

Our journey began right here in Arlington, Texas. Our owners were born and raised in this incredible city, and we know what it's like to walk its streets. We witnessed the grandeur of the AT&T Stadium going up, saw the vibrancy of the International Corridor flourish, worked our first jobs at parks in South Arlington, created partnerships with Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens, and finally watched our Texas Rangers become World Series Champions in 2023. This shop is a reflection of the love we have always had for Arlington.


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For Residents and Visitors Alike

Whether you're a longtime Arlington resident, a proud Arlingtonian living afar, or a visitor eager to explore our city's wonders, The Arlington Shop is for you. It's the perfect place to find a birthday gift for a true Arlington fan, a memento for friends and family relocating out of state, or a token of appreciation for visitors as they come to experience all that Arlington has to offer.


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A Nostalgic Connection

Our shop is more than a store; it's a warm and friendly connection to the heart of Arlington, a big city with a small town feel. We invite you to explore our collection, discover the unique spirit of Arlington, and take a piece of this wonderful city with you wherever you go.



The Arlington Shop - Celebrating Arlington, Texas, one piece of city swag at a time.

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